What’s Next In The Fight For Women’s Equality in Virginia?

There’s no doubt about it–women in Virginia are kicking butt and taking names. We started last year by electing a whole slate of progressive women to the House of Delegates. This year, we elected three progressive women to Congress.

None of that would have been possible without the base of progressive women from the grassroots who have been organizing and working nonstop for years to make Virginia a better place for all of us. The progressive movement is taking Virginia by storm–and now you can be part of it by joining us at the Women’s Equality Summit in Richmond on December 8.

ej panelists
Chelsea Higgins-Wise, Jackie Short, Margie Del Castillo, and Josie Mace participated in the Economic Justice Panel at the Women’s Equality Summit in June this year.


Be a Changemaker in Virginia!

Women’s Equality Summit attendees are changemakers not only because of their passion for women’s issues, but also because they care about issues ranging from immigrant rights to economic justice. Because feminists are leading the fight in the Commonwealth to transform the economic status of women, we’re teaming up this winter with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Virginia 512 local to talk about unions, financial security, and women’s equality.

Ana Quispe
Ana Quispe speaks to attendees during a break-out session on racial equity during the Women’s Equality Summit in June of this year.


What You’ll Learn at the Women’s Equality Summit

Our last Women’s Equality Summit featured a fantastic day of networking, panel discussions, and break-out sessions that challenged participants to think differently, motivated them to take action, and introduced them to other change-makers in the Commonwealth.

For the December 8 summit, we’ve worked especially hard to deliver an entirely revamped program. Our break-out sessions and workshops are designed to be even more interactive and hands-on. We’ll also have a storytelling training where you can learn how to use the power of your story to advocate for social change in the Commonwealth!

The Women’s Equality Winter Summit is for everyone–including men who want to be effective allies! Join us December 8 for day of learning and strategizing to build a more progressive Virginia where we all have the opportunity to succeed.