Allen, McDonnell, and Reagan

Allentaunting.pngGeorge Allen continues to risk Virginia’s credit rating and economic security for thousands of his constituents, even as GOP Governor Bob McDonnell joins the chorus telling Republicans in Congress to compromise:

“There’s got to be a compromise, I’m not going to tell them how to do it. I’d suggest they try spending cuts – everybody knows they’re spending too much,” McDonnell said on MSNBC. “But they’ve got to get this done immediately or the uncertainty for the business community is going to be just devastating to our country.” […]

“It’s not going to get done without some compromise and when it’s affecting states now, it’s creating great uncertainty, there’s massive unhappiness with the federal government generally over its inability to do the basic things that government needs to do.”


Despite all the outrage, now coming from even within his party, George Allen, who voted to increase the debt limit four times for President Bush the last time he was in office, insists that Congress should risk economic catastrophe by using the vote as “leverage” in order to push economically devastating Republican “spending cuts.”

Maybe George Allen should listen to the man who “motivated him to get involved in politics,” Ronald Reagan, who raised taxes fourteen times including the largest corporate tax hike in history, bailed out Social Security to the tune of $165 billion and expanded entitlements during his administration. George Allen, more extreme than Bob McDonnell or Ronald Reagan.


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