Amanda Chase is not SAFE for Virginia … and we need to ACT fast. 

by shay bell

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to a nice cup of tea, a good book, and news of extremely transphobic policies being proposed by Virginia Senators. Republican Senator Amanda Chase has just proposed a new ban on youth transition and I can’t even begin to describe how enraged I am. Chase’s new bill would not only make it harder for adults to transition, by implementing a provision to allow health care insurance to deny coverage for transitional care, but it also prevents children from being able to receive hormone treatments and puberty suppressants even WITH the consent of their parents.  She ironically titles this new proposition Save Adolescents From Experimentation or SAFE ACT and it is closely modeled to the bill that passed in Arkansas.  

This is deeply harmful to trans youth. We already know the statistics, nearly 1 in 5 trans children have attempted suicide this year alone. We cannot continue to put non-affirming policies on our children. I don’t know how many times we have to say this!! Why does Amanda Chase think it’s okay to put restrictions and limitations on our children, preventing them from getting the resources they need to live their most fulfilled, expressive lives. More importantly, why are we letting politicians insert themselves into the PRIVATE matters between parents and children. At a time where people are fighting for their own autonomy in terms of bearing a child or not, Chase wants to FURTHER restrict our people and further their own traumatic experiences by banning their access to resources. This is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable and BEYOND intolerable. Amanda Chase is a poor excuse of a politician, a poor example of a leader, and we will NOT let this bill pass. Tell your legislators that Amanda Chase is NOT SAFE for Virginia and let’s demolish these transphobic policies in the Commonwealth. 

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