What Exactly Is The Point?

It always amazes me how death can make you reexamine all your life choices. Let me start with some background. I am 34 years old, successful in my career, college-educated,

Looks Like We Made It

Y’all. 2020 is OVER. THANK GOODNESS. It was rough, but by golly, we made it through. We lost so much last year that I can’t even begin to process it

2020 Virginia Races to Watch

OK people. It’s August and sh*t is getting very real. Donald Trump has made it very clear that he doesn’t want to leave the White House. After four years of

Listen to Them, They Play A Doctor on TV

So Virginia has decided to open on May 15th. Northern Virginia gets an exception because they felt now was not the right time to reopen. Additionally, Richmond and Accomack applied