Don’t judge a book by its cover


The media loves to make claims about the Affordable Care Act being unpopular. The latest USA/Gallup poll doesn’t tell the whole truth about Americans’ attitudes about the Affordable Care Act and in fact, shows the health care reform law is unpopular because its been politicized. In fact, when people learn the truth about the law, they have a more favorable opinion about it; even, Susan Page, author of the USA Today article discussing the recent poll acknowledged this fact on Twitter earlier today.


Here are the facts:

Americans wanted health care reform:
Pollingshows that prior to health care reform, a majority of Americans thought that the old health care system was broken and needed to be fixed.

Americans wanted health care reform to fix critical problems:
Polling shows that a majority of Americans wanted reform to target costs (make insurers keep premium costs down), keep insurance companies honest (prevent insurers from denying coverage because of pre-existing conditions) make reform fair (require everyone to share the burden and get health care coverage.)

Americans support an individual mandate:
Polling shows that Americans have a positive opinion about the individual responsibility provision, when they learn that the mandate and tax won’t apply to them, since they’ll be covered under their employer’s health care plan.

Americans like the ACA:
Polling shows that a majority of Americans think that Congress should “expand or keep the ACA as is.”


The ACA has given Americans what they wanted. Need more facts? Visit

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