George Allen’s Pattern of Opposing Stimulus While Praising Recipients

In direct conflict with his months of criticizing the stimulus, George Allen spent the last two weeks touring and touting the economic successes of two Virginia firms that received millions in stimulus grants. One of them, Ennis Electric Company, Allen visited last week and left out of his praise for the company was the fact the firm has benefitted from nearly $14 million in stimulus funding.

Additionally, earlier this month, Allen hosted a town hall meeting at Micron Technology, a firm that solicited and received $5 million in stimulus funds. Micron CEO Steve Appleton certainly didn’t seem to agree with Allen’s assessment of the stimulus program–he met with President Obama to show his support for the legislation in 2009.

“George Allen can’t seem to get his story straight,” said Anna Scholl, Executive Director of ProgressVA. “He’s spent months criticizing a so-called ‘failed stimulus’ but when confronted with the facts, he’s happy to tout firms that are succeeding thanks to stimulus support. I’m glad to see Sen. Allen coming around on the benefits of the stimulus. Hopefully soon we’ll hear him praising the 226,413 Virginia jobs saved or created by the stimulus.”

According to research provided by American Bridge 21st Century, Ennis Electric received federal stimulus funds from multiple contracts between 2009 and 2011.

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