ICYMI: Ken Cuccinelli’s Back Door Abortion Ban Shutters Second Women’s Health Center

Ken Cuccinelli is one step closer to his “ultimate goal, which is to make abortion disappear in America.” NOVA Women’s Healthcare, the state’s largest women’s health center, announced this week it is closing in the face of burdensome and unnecessary state regulations. Cuccinelli, as Attorney General, overstepped the bounds of his office and bullied the State Board of Health into approving restrictions on women’s health centers that are designed to shut them down. The rules are opposed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and medical professionals. The restrictions require women’s health centers that perform safe and legal first trimester abortions to retrofit their facilities to meet the building requirements for newly constructed hospitals, a standard to which no other health care provider is held. Thanks to Cuccinelli’s political interference and right-wing extremism, thousands of women in Northern Virginia have lost access to affordable, comprehensive reproductive health care services.


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