If You’re Gay N You Know It

by shay bell 


 *inserts that one Ariana Grande meme (iykyk) 

Happy Pride Month to MEEEEEEEEEE and everyone else who celebrates this amazing time of love, liberation, and freedom. And in honor of Pride Month and also because ABSOLUTELY no one asked, I’ve decided to share just three of my favorites made by or for queer people. 


Located in Richmond, this spiritual shop is the best of both worlds, being Black and queer-owned! The only Black-owned botanica in Richmond, Magdalena’s is home to a large array of spiritual tools for anyone looking to advance in their spiritual journey. From jewelry to crystals, tarot cards to candles and herbs, this shop is a go-to for all your needs. Owned and operated by a married couple,  they are the youngest Botanica owners in Richmond and have been blessing Virginia and beyond with their knowledge for years.


An absolute masterpiece of a film, Moonlight, was made in 2016 from an unwritten screenplay by Tarell Alvin McCraney, In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue. It follows the life of a young Black boy who struggles through heavy life issues, manhood, and his sexuality. The cinematography could not be more incredible, and this film earned every bit of the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2017. Watch this poetically scripted film; you’ll easily see why it is so heavily awarded. You can catch the film on Hulu, Max, or Amazon Prime, check it out, and listen out for my favorite quote, “You see them boys runnin’ around catchin’ up all the light … in moonlight, Black boys look blue.” 


Claps all around for Victoria Monet’s latest release, delivering soulful sounds and satisfying rhythms. On My Mama quickly rose to the top of the charts as a single, but anyone who’s listened to the project knows the whole album is worth listening to – and the original Jaguar too! It’s giving sexy hippy fairy music for over 30 minutes straight. The perfect soundtrack to spark up (if that’s your thing) and dance in front of the mirror. This album is available on all streaming platforms, but real music lovers know Spotify is where it’s at 😉 

Shoutout to all of the colors under the rainbow, I hope this year’s Pride Month is filled with immense joy and opportunity. For those not on the spectrum, I hope you use this time as a great refresher on how to be a better ally and person in general! Educate yourselves on the current struggles in the LGBTQ+ community and how you can advocate alongside us and push for changes to keep Virginia more inclusive of all people regardless of their sexual identity or orientation. Until next time, y’all, BE WHO YOU ARE FOR YOUR PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDEEEEEEEE!  

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