Rae Cousins

by Kierra Johnson

Every seat is up for re-election in the next cycle, and Virginia needs candidates who understand what’s at stake. If conservatives gain power, they’ll pass more restrictive legislation next year. NO THANK YOU! With the June primaries right around the corner, the 79th District can vote with confidence for a candidate who holds a stellar record of public service in Richmond, along with her commitment to the community and her investment as a native Richmonder. That candidate is Rae Cousins, Progress Virginia’s endorsee. If elected, she would bring DECADES worth of experience as a fighter for social justice to the role. As a graduate of The College of William & Mary and Howard University School of Law, Cousins had settled cases worth millions of dollars, and sometimes billions, as a result of holding companies accountable for harmful practices and environmental damage. Cousins has also put in years of effort into improving conditions for voters, including voter protection, working as a lawyer for election protection, and voicing support for voters with felony convictions. Cousins believes that her experience as a lawyer will enrich her ability to show up for the people of the 79th District, and we couldn’t agree more! There is much to be excited about when it comes to Rae Cousins’ background, and her platform is just as solid as her experience. Cousins supports public schools, during a time in which Governor Youngkin is advocating for “school choice”, which hurts childrens’ access to education. As reproductive health remains a need that is constantly being threatened by conservative interests, Cousins believes that people should have access to abortion and contraceptives. Cousins also supports community safety by way of gun reform and community support programs, affordable housing, adequate healthcare, and much more. That is why Rae Cousins is Progress Virginia’s top choice to represent Virginia’s 79th District.A vote for Rae is a vote for a healthier and safer Richmond community. A vote for Rae is a vote for progress.

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