Romney University 101: What Romney-Ryan means for Virginia families’ health care

Two weeks ago, former Congressman Tom Perriello broke down what a Romney-Ryan budget would truly cost Virginia’s family based on a joint report released by ProgressVA and the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Today, ProgressVA is releasing the first of 5 videos that will be posted this week from that session: What Romney-Ryan means for Virginia families’ health care.

The Romney-Ryan budget costs include:

  • Seniors in Virginia would lose health care benefits and pay more. Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan would force seniors in the state to pay at least $639 more for their prescription drugs each year. At the same time, the Romney-Ryan plan to turn Medicare into a voucher would cost current seniors at least $11,000 more out of pocket.
  • Women in Virginia would pay more for health care but receive less bang for their buck. Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan would once again allow insurance companies to charge women more than men while taking away preventive care from at least 1,376,205 women in the state.
  • Young adults in Virginia would lose access to their families’ health insurance. Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan promise to dismantle Obamacare, which would directly result in 66,000 young adults in Virginia losing the insurance they have today due to the Affordable Care Act.

You can read the full report here.

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