2013 Convention Guide, Limited Women’s Health Edition

Below, ProgressVA’s 2013 GOP Convention Guide, Limited Women’s Health Edition details the records of the Virginia GOP candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General on women’s reproductive rights and access to health care. As the guide demonstrates, no matter who is nominated on Saturday, they will form a ticket with a long history of attempts to ban abortion and limit women’s access to reproductive care.

Some of the extreme policies supported by Cuccinelli and a range of Lt. Governor and Attorney General candidates include:

  • “Personhood” legislation that would criminalize some forms of birth control 
  • TRAP restrictions that impose medically unnecessary building requirements on women’s health centers in an attempt to ban abortion by shutting down clinics
  • Invasive, transvaginal ultrasounds before a woman can obtain an abortion
  • Funding cuts to Planned Parenthood’s cancer screenings and preventative health care services


2013 Convention Guide, Limited Women’s Health Edition by ProgressVA

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