Abortion Access Granted

Abortion Access Granted

What do you get when you put together years of activism and advocacy with lawmakers who support our freedom of choice? Abortion coverage! That’s right, y’all, beginning July 1, plans

So Much Love for the 2021 Sesh

General Assembly Legislative Session Roundup Part 2 We’re sending our compliments to the chefs in the General Assembly who’ve been cooking up all sorts of progress for the Commonwealth! Our

Raise a Glass to Progress!

2021 General Assembly Session Round-Up Part 1 via GIPHY Another monumental legislative session has wrapped up where the progressive majority in the Virginia legislature continues to flex by showing the

2/19/21 Hero & Zero

HERO The hero for this week is NASA! Because the Mars rover touched down! Talk about perseverance. No really, talk about it!  ZERO The zero for the week is Sen.

2/12/21 Hero & Zero

Hero The hero for this week is everyone who was able to get a COVID-19 vaccine, including our very own team member Jen. Be sure to check out her video

Show Me the Money (That Dominion Stole)

Have you ever left a store, realized you were WAY overcharged, and thought, ‘Eh. I guess it’s their money now. I hope they buy something nice for themselves. They deserve