UPDATED: McDonnell/Cuccinelli Star Scientific timeline graphic

As details continue to drip out about Governor Bob McDonnell’s relationship with Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams, Ken Cuccinelli’s relationship with the same donor is becoming more and more problematic. As noted in numerous news reports, Cuccinelli accepted and failed to disclose gifts from Williams and bought stock in his company while Star Scientific sued the Commonwealth.

With the wave of new revelations, we’ve had to update our timeline graphic we first sent you in April. From free flights, to wedding gifts and FBI investigations, ProgressVA wants to help you see, understand, and then share with others, the extent of McDonnell and Cuccinelli’s unethical behavior. The new updates are highlighted in yellow.

We need your help in making sure Cuccinelli is held accountable for his actions at the debate this Saturday – so please don’t forget after you read the graphic to share it below.

Star Scientific Timeline


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