1/29/21 Hero & Zero

HERO Our heroes for the week are the healthcare workers working overtime to get us vaccinated. We would not make it without you. Thank you, seriously. Thanks ZERO Our zero

Show Me the Money (That Dominion Stole)

Have you ever left a store, realized you were WAY overcharged, and thought, ‘Eh. I guess it’s their money now. I hope they buy something nice for themselves. They deserve

Hero & Zero 1/22

Our heroes are the women of color in leadership who are moving the most impactful legislation! I’m talking about:  The Environmental Justice Act from Sen. Hashmi The School Equity and

Hero & Zero January 15, 2020

Hero: Our hero of the week is Al Gore’s internet. Thanks to the internet (with a little push from the global pandemic), Virginia is now streaming 100% of its legislative